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The President and CEO of Azbil Telstar, Ton Capella, is appointed President of the PharmaProcess Organizing Committee

The President and CEO of Azbil Telstar, Ton Capella,  will preside over the Organizing Committee of PharmaProcess, an international forum supporting the pharmaceutical industry, which will be held on 29th and 30th October in Fira de Barcelona's Montjuïc Palacio de Congresos (Congress Hall), under the agreement of Fira de Barcelona's Administrative Board.
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Isidro Alastrué, Director of Chemical Operations at Almirall

"The current situation calls for companies to adopt a 'new production model' so we can continue to provide society with new, distinctive and innovative therapeutic solutions. Almirall's business model, based on R&D and sales through our own subsidiaries or strategic partners, is the key to our current position of leadership and the gateway to future opportunities"."

Carles Cirera, president of ISPE Spain

"The current situation is that the industry in this country is going through a tough time for various reasons, including the drop in the reference pricing imposed by the government, the fall in domestic sales, arrears in paying invoices, and so on. All of this has meant that only the laboratories with an overseas market of more than 70% of their annual turnover are in a situation of being able to ride out the crisis successfully".

Santiago Alsina, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of PharmaProcess

"At PharmaProcess we will be raising and discussing the latest trends and regulations with regard to excipients, new manufacturing technologies, registries and distribution, in terms of the processes of traditional medicinal products as well as those obtained through biotechnology".

Enric Jo, Plant Manager at RJ Barcelona

"The innovation here is in the mix: the possibility of promoting any type of business and, at the same time, discussing the scientific, regulatory and technical issues that are behind its progress."
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Humberto Arnés, General Manager Farmaindustria

"the industry is developing new methodologies and mechanisms of action to increase the success rates. This will lead to the availability of drugs for treating diseases that until now were incurable and thus respond to growing health demands."

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"In PharmaProcess everything is designed to provide
professionals with greater capacities to the market