Scientific Committee

The members of this committee are responsible for all the scientific content featured at the Forum.

Francisco José Aranda

Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. Cinfa 

Degree in Pharmacy, Master in Pharmaceutical Industry and Specialist in Industrial Pharmacy. Over 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry nationally and internationally, in management and Technical Operations. Currently Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Cinfa Laboratories SA .

Jaime Pey Sanahuja

General Director of The Spanish Association For The Self-Care Products (Anefp)

Mr Pey holds a Degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree from the university of ESADE.

He began his professional career in the pharmaceutical sector in a company called Sanofi, moving on to Bayer, where he worked as Pharmacy Sales and Marketing Director.

In November 1997, he joined the Agency Olgilvy One as deputy general director, and a year and a half after he became director of OTC Division of Novartis, a job that he held for five years until his  incorporation into Zambon as general director for the Iberian Peninsula, where he has remained until September 2012.

Since November 2012 he manages the Spanish Association for the self-care products (anefp).

Vicenç Castell Gimeno

Production Director at Kern Pharma

Mr Castell holds a Degree in Pharmacy (University of Barcelona) and a Master Degree from the IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University .

Working in pharmaceutical industry the last 20 years for Companys as Solvay Pharma, Boehringer Mannheim, Hoffman-la-Roche and Kern Pharma SL.


Amalia Avilés

Technical Director AESEG 
Large experience in the management of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Spain and Portugal. Experienced in: Quality Assurance, Market Access, and Institutional Affairs.
- Technical Director AESEG (Spanish Association of Generic Drugs)
- Director of "Regulatory Affairs" (Spain and Portugal) and Technical Director Sanofi Pasteur MSD
- Director of "Regulatory Affairs" DuPont Pharma (now absorbed by Bristol Myers Squibb)
- Director. Regulatory Affairs and Institutional Relations. Servier Laboratories S.A
- Pharmaceutical Consultant (freelance)
- Director of the Registration Department and Pharmaceutical Technical Director . Pharmaceutical Laboratories Beneyto Berenguer SA (absorbed by Prodes, lately absorbed by Almirall)
- Technical Director of the cosmetics laboratory Dermatrofine Spain Laboratories, Inc.

Ignasi Biosca

CEO of Reig Jofre Group
Telecommunication Engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and 
Télécom Paris (France), his passion and entrepreneurship have defined his career both during his 
early telecommunications and online marketing period and later in the pharmaceutical industry.
Currently CEO of the pharma family business Reig Jofre Group, his early career was marked by the 
interest in new technologies and computer networks. After his MBA at IESE, Barcelona, which 
allowed him to perform part of his academic curriculum at the University of Berkeley in California 
in the late 90s, and live the dot com bubble there, he joined Media Contacts Spain as CEO, the 
Internet advertising division of Havas Media Group and later became COO of the worldwide 
network of digital media agencies in 23 countries.
In 2007 he joined Laboratorios Reig Jofre, the company founded by his grandfather in 1929. Since 
then, his commitment to innovation, both internal or external through small research based 
companies as well as his focus to grow in the international markets has led the company to 
position itself as one of the leading specialized industrial groups in the pharmaceutical sector in 
the development, stabilization and manufacturing of injectable formulations as well as antibiotics. 
With a direct presence in 5 European countries marketing products in the dermatology, 
gynecology and respiratory as well as OTC products, and indirect in over 52 markets worldwide, 
and with 715 employees, total turnover in 2013 was €119 million, out of which 58% was 
international sales. 
Ignasi Biosca is since January 2014 President for CataloniaBio, the Association of Companies 
performing Research and Innovation in Life-sciences in Catalunya,  as well as member of the Board 
of Farmaindustria, and board member of several biotech startups.

Xavier Farrés Torrecabota

Operations Director of Grupo Uriach
- Since April 2013 I am developing the functions as a Operations Director of Grupo Uriach. Member of the Executive Board and in the lead of the operations worldwide (R&D, Drug Substance and Drug Product production, Quality, Supply Chain, Operational Excellence.
- From  January 2012 to April 2013 I was developing  the functions as a General Manager of Synthon Hispania S.L.
- From November 2003 to January 2012, I was in charge of the Production Management, as a Production Director in Synthon Hispania S.L., 
- From April 2001 to November 2003, I developed my professional activity as Plant Manager in Synthon Hispania S.L. 
- From 1997 to April 2001, I developed the functions of Head of Production Department at the plant of Hoechst Marion Roussell, S.A., 
- In June 1996, I started my activities in the manufacturing plant of the company Hoechst Marion Roussell, S.A.
- From August 1995 to May 1996, I worked at Divasa-Farmavic S.A., a veterinary pharmaceutical company.
- From June 1994 to May 1995, I had a Grant for Researchers Training from the University of Barcelona and "Fundació Bosch i Gimpera" 
- From June 1993 to May 1994 I had a Grant from CIRIT (Inter-ministerial Council for Research and Technological Innovation), 
- From August 1991 to May 1993, I had a research contract from the University of Barcelona and "Fundació Bosch i Gimpera".
- From January 1991 to July 1991 I had a contract as substitute professor in the University of Barcelona, Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Georg Roessling

PhD. PDA Europe
- Senior Vice President of PDA Europe since 2006
- 1984 to 2005 in different positions at Schering AG, Germany
- Head of Pharmaceutical Development of Parenterals, responsible for formulation development, process development, clinical trial material preparation, transfer to production
- Head of Global CMC Technology Office
Achievements: More than 50 patents, more than ten products developed which reached the market 
- 1983 Scientist at ENKA/AKZO: Development of polymer membranes
- 1981-1982 Post – doc Chemical Engineering Berkeley, USA. Topic: Tertiary recovery of oil
-  PhD in Physical Chemistry University Karlsruhe, Germany. Topic: Thermodynamics, supercritical gases
- 1976 Diplom in Chemistry from University Karlsruhe, Germany

Ton Capella

Chairman and CEO of Azbil Telstar SL

Ton Capella is President and CEO of the company Azbil Telstar SL, subsidiary in Spain of the Japanese group Azbil Corporation. Almost all Ton's professional career has been linked to his family founded company, Telstar. Since 1991 Ton leaded this company to become nowadays one of the top global solutions supplier of engineering, construction and validation of complete laboratories and critical facilities for research and manufacturing of medicines, and also pharmaceutical equipment design and manufacturing with its own technologies for life sciences field. With operations in Spain, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, United States… up to 14 countries, Azbil Telstar covers all the world. In 2013 Telstar was sold to the Japanese Azbil to have a more solid base for the future expansion of the company. The company changed its name to Azbil Telstar SL and Ton remained in the company as President & CEO. Ton received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETSEIAT (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeries Industrial i Aeronàutica de Terrassa), UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). He also has a Managing Development Degree in IESE (Business School of Navarra University). Ton also has the position of President of the Board of Directors of Egarsat (Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases Mutual of the Social Security).

Dr. Beatriz Artalejo

President of the Spanish Industrial Pharmacists Association (AEFI)

Ph.D. in Pharmacy, Specialist in Industrial Pharmacy and Galenics and Correspondent Academic at the RAFC (Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia). She has devoted her career to the pharmaceutical industry, where she has accumulated a wealth of experience, working in different Spanish and international laboratories. She combines her work in the private sector with teaching activities, working with a number of official bodies in giving and organising courses, seminars, etc. She has also been involved in drawing up the National Formulary and has taken part in a number of expert groups for the European Pharmacopoeia. She is a member of several scientific and professional associations and technology platforms.

Dr. Carles Cirera y Salicio

Vicepresident of ISPE Spain

With a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of British Colombia (Canada), he is currently Industrial Manager at IQL-Nisshin Oillio's production plant.
He has worked for the last 11 years in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, with Panreac, Lacer and Invent Farma. He has been a member of the ISPE Spain Committee since 2010.


Daniel Fleta

Chemical Engineer IQS (1995), PDD IESE (06) 

With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the IQS and a PDD from IESE, he started his career in 1995 as a Project Engineer in the Chemical Industry. In 2001, he joined Grifols Engineering as Manager of the Pharmaceutical Projects Area and became its Director in 2011.
He leads a team of engineers who work worldwide on Biopharmaceutical Engineering projects. He is specialised in biotechnology projects and is a member of the ISPE.

Emili Esteve Sala

Director of FARMAINDUSTRIA's Technical Department

B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona. A National Health pharmacist on leave of absence, he has held a number of positions in the General Directorate of Pharmacy and Medical Devices and subsequently in the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS).
Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Interterritorial Council of the SNS (National Health System) and Member of the Spanish Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use.

Enric Jo, PhD

Plant Manager at the Reig Jofre Group

With a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, Enric focused his Doctoral Thesis on lyophilisation processes. He started his career in the Department of Biopharmacy at Barcelona University's Faculty of Pharmacy. During the last 19 years, he as worked at the Reig Jofre Group where he is currently Plant Manager in Barcelona and head of the Centre of Excellence in Lyophilisation. He has more than 50 communications (courses, lectures, articles) in Spain and abroad on subjects related with lyophilisation, sterile processes and production control.
He is a trainer at the Spanish Medicines Agency, head of the International Society of Lyophilization's PAT Committee and member of the Society's Management Committee; he is a member of the Parenteral Drug Association's Interest Group of Lyophilisation, with which he works as speaker and meeting organiser; he is also an active member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Isidro Alastrué


Chemical Operations Manager at the Almirall Group
Member of the Industrial Area's Management Committee


B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and Diploma in Health. He possesses a broad experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry (37 years). From 2008 to present, he has been Chemical Operations Manager at the Almirall Group.

Joan Navales Rubio

Operations Director at Esteve

Miquel Heredia Lafita

President of Lapeyra & Taltavull, SA and Ingeyt, SL.

Emeritus Chairman and former President of the Graphispag Fair, and also former President of Fira de Barcelona's Hispack Fair.

Rafael Beaus Romero

Area Sales Manager for Telstar 

A pharmacist specialised in Industrial Pharmacy and Galenics, after 10 years of management responsibility in Production and Quality Assurance at Cusí and Alcon, he became manager of the SVS consultancy firm, leading its international growth until its integration in Telstar in 2011. He has given many courses and lectures and has also taken part in writing articles and books on technology and quality in the pharmaceutical industry.

Salvador Cassany Pou

Head of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Control Unit. Department of Health. Catalan Regional Government.

B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona. M.Sc. in Public Health from the University of Barcelona. Pharmacist specialised in Industrial Pharmacy and Galenics.
Since 1991, he has worked as a pharmaceutical engineer at the Catalan Regional Government's Department of Health. He is a member of the Spanish Medicine Agency's Technical Inspection Committee (CTI). Since November 2002, he has been Head of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Control Unit, General Subdirectorate of Pharmacy and Medical Devices, Department of Health, Catalan Regional Government, where he performs monitoring and inspection functions in the following areas:
- preclinical research, verification of compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP);
- industrial-scale manufacture of medicinal products and active ingredients, verification of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for medicinal products (GMP) and for active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP part II);
- distribution of medicinal products, verification of compliance with Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products (GDPPP);
- clinical trials and good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines, approval of ethics committees and verification of compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines;
- control and inspection of the pharmaceutical industry's drug surveillance system;
- manufacturing, distribution and advertising of health and cosmetic products.

Santiago Alsina Carrera

PharmaProcess Scientific Commitee Coordinator

· Degree in Pharmacy: University of Barcelona (1972-1977). Special graduation award 1977. 2nd National Award. · · Master in Production EADA
· Specialization in Pharmaceutical Tech Products.
· Master in viticulture  INCAVI
  · Degree in Projects Direction at EADA ( PMI no) 2012

Career progression:

-    Freelance Interim Operations Project Manager in Mylan. 2011
-    Industrial Operations Manager in Instant Proces S.L.  2010-2011
-    Institutional affairs and New industrial projects Director in Lacer, S.A.  2010                                           
-    General Manager EFARMES ( Group Lacer). 2009 - 2010
-    Technical Director  Nutrition&Santé (N&S).  2008 -  2009
-   Industrial Operations Director (NCH / N&S): Plant close down and Logistic outsourcing (2007 - 2008) - Nutrition &Santé (Ex-Grupo Novartis ) (2005¿ 2008) - Novartis Consumer Health (NCH) (2001 - 2005)                                            
-    Responsible for Production. Lab. Solvay Pharma. 1996 - 2000
-    Responsible for Production. Lab. Prodesfarma. 1985 - 1995
-    Director of Production. Lab. Salvat. 1982 - 1984
-    Responsible for Production. Lab. Dr.Andreu. 1979 - 1982
-    Responsible for Quality.  Lab. Perez Iborra. 1977 - 1978

Additional information:

-    President of the Industrial Pharmaceutical National Association ( AEFI ) 2005 ¿ 2008
-    President of the  Industrial Pharmaceutical Catalonian Association (AEFI) 2001 -  2004
-    Member of the board of the  Industrial Pharmaceutical Catalonian Association (AEFI) 1996 -  2001
-    Professor of the Pharmaceutical and Para Pharmaceutical Industry  Master  CESIF ( Sterile, GMP y Cleaning Validation )
-    Professor of the Food Technology Master CESIF

Carlos Maestro Linares

Board of Director Member on Ispe Spain Affiliate

Senior executive specialized in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Industrial Markets with 27 years of experience managing Information Technology, Process Automation, and EPC Engineering, within highly competitive companies. Mecalux Software Solutions, EPCM Sperta, ASESA, TYCO Fire&Security, Gedas, Ibermática. Engineering Degree in Computer Systems by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ETSSI and Graduated in General Management by Universidad de Navarra IESE Business School.

Jaime Mira

Technical director, Founding ICIL

SpainThecnical Director-Foundation ICIL Economist, consultancy, expert in supply Chain Management. General Manager in Credito y Docks, Cmbursa, Villar Transito y Aduanas Logistic Manager in Frigo SA(Unilever), Henkel, Corbero-Electrolux, Unitransa.


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